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At Seacoast Generator, we provide the best quality Kohler products and services to power your entire home and business. 

Here at Seacoast Generator we provide piece of mind. We offer services for all residential and commercial standby generators and have in house Kohler certified technicians, licensed electricians, and gas fitters.


We offer TURNKEY INSTALLATION packages which consist of a free site visit to evaluate the correct size and placement of the generator through the final installation. We don’t just stop here, we will landscape the area where the generator is placed and provide on going annual service to keep your generator running smoothly.


Our team provides exceptional quality and professionalism through the whole process. Have a Kohler generator that is not working and needs service? Give us a call so we may evaluate what is wrong. We have parts on hand to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


Not only do we have a great Installation process, but we have a great 24/7 monitoring 

program through ONCUE PLUS, which we install in all our generators. This allows us to monitor your generator and access the generator controller to check in 24/7. It is a piece of mind for the customer 

because if something is to go wrong with your generator we will be notified immediately. But let's be realistic...It's a will never have a problem. Again...just peace of mind.


Seacoast Generator is fully insured and licensed in NH, MA & ME and has been installing complete Generator Systems since 2005.

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